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Bringing a car into Turkey

Posted on by Nadine Williams

Many clients after purchasing a property ask us about how and if they can bring a car to Turkey. There are two ways of doing this either as a temporary import or a permanent one. But there are strict rules and regulations. Here are the guidelines…

Temporary import: 

Anyone can bring a foreign plated car into Turkey on a temporary basis, this includes holiday makers. The car can be brought into Turkey for a maximum of 6 months in a 12 month period. After six months the vehicle must leave the country for at least six months before you can re-enter the car again. Please note, this can only be done twice per vehicle, a third six month period is not permitted.

There is an exception to this rule for holders of a retirement visa, they may bring their car into Turkey for a maximum period of one year.

Permanent import:

There are strict rules and regulations for permanently importing a car to Turkey. To import a car you can ONLY be one of the following:

A student
Working as a foreigner with a work permit.

These imports are referred to as ‘blue plate cars’ and the car is officially registered against your passport and permit. Please note, you can only keep the car in Turkey for as long as your particular permit allows. You must be the only driver and pay what is called a touring tax, this is like a warranty and guarantees that you will return the car to the country of origin when the touring visa expires.

Our advice for ex pats is, buying a Turkish car is a far better option and a lot easier! You also need to bare in mind that ‘blue plate cars’ can only be sold to other buyers meeting the same criteria, making this option even more difficult. Although new and second hand cars can be as much as 3 times the price of UK cars, in the long run, there is less paperwork, time and taxes to pay. You can buy most makes of cars in Turkey, but if you look for models that are made in Turkey, like Hyundai, Renault and Fiat then servicing and parts will cost you less. Buying a new or second hand car in Turkey is pretty much the same as in the UK, for new cars most dealerships will have English speaking staff to assist you through the buying process and for second hands cars you need to do the usual checks to make sure the car is debt free and taxes and insurances up to date. It is a good idea to have someone you can trust who speaks Turkish to guide you.

Our advice is for information only and please check current guidelines as rules often change.

Here are some useful links for driving advice and arranging an import if you qualify.

RAC- driving in Turkey

Turkish Touring and Automobile Union
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