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Brits missing out on Spanish property Best Deals

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Bargain-hunting are jumping onto the Spanish property ladder as house prices continue to fall and the pound reaches a 4-year high against the embattled Euro.

The Spanish market has reached a low point, so buyers are using it as an opportunity to shop for a bargain.

The strengthening of the pound against the euro and historically low interest rates are making holiday homes attractively affordable to British buyers.

The bargain hunting British are missing out on the best deals as they wait for prices to fall further, while Dutch, German and Scandinavian buyers pick off the best deals.

Of 70 recorded sales on one Spanish bank-owned development only 12.5% went to British buyers. Non Brit buyers used Google Earth to select their property and browse the neighbourhood amenities, while others used mobile phones and tablets to alert friends and family to the best units and agree the purchase.    Send article as PDF   
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