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Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Posted on by Nadine Williams

There has been so much press recently about Turkey and whether it is safe to travel there so here is my perspective on the situation.

The Foreign office are not advising against travel to Turkey apart from the Syrian border and some towns in the east of the country. This advice has not changed in the last few years.  Yes, Turkey is on high alert but so is London and many UK cities. In January 2016, Daesh released a video threatening new attacks in Northern Europe,  so we have to ask ourselves where is safe? There is just as much risk by staying in the UK.

Terrorism is everyone’s worry and concern these days but lets put it into perspective, statistically, it is not much of a danger at all. In fact, you have more chance of being killed in a road traffic accident. But unfortunately, terrorism always makes the headlines, so it frightens. You just have to ask yourself, what is your personal tolerance for risk.

I am often asked is it safe in Alanya on the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey? Isn’t it near the Syrian border? I have a home in Alanya and it’s as peaceful and beautiful as ever, so the answer is as safe as anywhere else. To give you an idea of distances Alanya is some 800km from the Syrian border, that’s about twice the distance from London to Scotland.

Turkey is renowned for the friendliness and hospitality of the Turkish people, it is really exceptional. Steeped in history with some breathtaking scenery, fantastic weather and not to mention some of the best cuisine in the world, it would be such a shame not to come and experience this wonderful country.    Send article as PDF   
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