Latest Currency Exchange Rates:

1 GBP = EUR (1.1340)

1 GBP = USD (1.3896)

Specialist foreign exchange services tailored to overseas property buyers

…Getting the best rate for your currency can make thousands of pounds difference to the cost of a property. Using a high street bank may seem like the easy option, but using a specialist foreign exchange company is just as easy and usually works out much, much cheaper…

We understand the importance of a fast and efficient service, which guarantees that all payments are made on time and are provided by a friendly but professional currency specialist

As a currency specialist, we also have ways of making savings when you repatriate funds or make regular payments between two countries..

Key reasons to use Global Currancy Exchange include:

  • Their exchange rates typically beat banks by up to 4%
  • No transfer fees
  • Your own personal dealer
  • Online trading facility
  • Online client area
  • Regular monthly payments at commercial exchange rates
  • Forward buying
  • Limit orders “we buy when the rates high”
  • No recipient fees (certain countries apply)
  • Bank payment confirmations

Check how much you can save against bank rates, who can only offer a tourist exchange rate. Simply click the link get your free, no obligation quote and start saving.