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Now is a good time to buy a retirement home in the sun

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euro-bills A stronger pound and heavily discounted property prices make the current economic climate ideal for British people looking to buy a home in the euro-zone, particularly for those looking to retire to countries like Spain and France,

Healthcare is a major consideration for British retirees, wherever they are. Both France and Spain have excellent healthcare systems, and when you combine this with each country’s accessibility to the UK, affordable property and healthy lifestyle, it’s little wonder they remain very popular with British retirees.

While younger people across the UK and Europe are battling against the effects of unemployment, austerity measures and the difficulties of getting their foot on the housing ladder, expat retirees are relatively immune to the effects of the current economic problems. In fact, those that emigrated to the euro-zone in the last three years and who draw a UK pension will be celebrating the fact that their monthly income in euros will have increased thanks to the recent strengthening of the pound.

The exchange rate also benefits retirees in the process of moving abroad, as their pounds will go further today than a year or two ago, meaning they get more for their money. Further to that, most retirees are cash buyers, thanks to having a property in the UK to sell.

When retiring abroad you also need to understand the buying process in the country in which you are buying, any residency rules, how to get your pension paid and how to secure the very best exchange rate. There is a myriad of things to consider – but do not despair – help is at hand!

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