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October Sets New Record for Tourist Spending in Spain

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Spending by international tourists in Spain reached a new record high in October climbing by 16.8% to reach 5,476 million euros. This sharp increase in spending by international tourists was due both to the increase in the number of tourists (6.9%), as well as a 9.3% rise in the average spend per tourist in the month, which reached an average of 1,001 euros, according to the EGATUR Tourism Expenditure Survey, prepared by the Department of Tourism Studies of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

The United Kingdom was ranked first in October for volume of spending: with 1,174 million euros, and an increase of 19.2%. Also highlighted was the significant increase in French tourists’ spending, of 41.3% year-on-year, reaching 500 million euros; Germany, with an increase in spending of 24.2% year-on-year and 1,090 million euros, and the Scandinavian countries, with an increase of 21.4% to 518 million euros spent in Spain.

The main regions to benefit from this spending were: Catalonia (1,248 million euros), the Canary Islands (1,111 million), the Balearic Islands (923 million) and Andalusia (828 million).

In the period from January to October, the total spending is also the largest recorded in the statistical series and stood at 52,551 million euros, reflecting an increase of 8.2% over the previous year, and notably in the past ten months the rise of 3.2% in the average spend per tourist, which was 970 euros, and the increase of 2.7% in the average daily expenditure per tourist, to 109 euros.    Send article as PDF   
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