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Taking grandchildren to Turkey without parents

Posted on by Nadine Williams

There are many grandparents who have homes in Turkey and like myself have them to stay during the school holidays. Here is my experience on flying to Turkey with grandchildren and no parents.

UK  border control in most UK airports is now all electronic and all you need to do is scan your boarding pass. I had no issues with flying from Gatwick airport to Antalya. On arrival at Antalya airport at passport control, I was just asked who the children where in relation to me, this was more out of curiosity as they were of different ethnicity and I was not asked for any additional paperwork.

Flying back out of Antalya airport, I had no problems with either passport control or at the gate. However, on arriving in the UK at the UK border control I was asked who the children where in relation to me and did I have any proof or consent from a parent that they could travel with me. I did have a signed letter from my daughter showing consent for me to take the children to Turkey and a copy of her passport. This was sufficient to let me back into the UK with the children. Without consent documentation I believe we could have been detained until parents were contacted. So my advice is get a signed letter of consent from the parents and copies of parents birth certificates, especially if the family members have different names.

Here is a link for advice from the UK Government website

UK Government guidelines for taking a child abroad

The above information is a guide only for Turkey. Please check with the UK government before travelling for their latest advice.    Send article as PDF   
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