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Hot Properties

Price: €195,000

Andalusia Malaga Alozaina
2 Bedroom Finca

Price: €199,999

Costa Blanca Alicante San Miguel
3 Bedroom Villa

New Home

Price: From €69,000

Kestel Antalya Alanya
1 Bedroom Apartment

Turkish lenders assess affordability of up to 45% of your monthly net income.

Net joint monthly income £ 2,750 times 45% of that figure is £1,237 minus existing monthly mortgage payment £ 500 No other liabilities. This leaves a balance of £737.5 for a proposed Turkish Mortgage payment.

Should I get a AIP (Agreement in principle)

It’s always a good idea to obtain an agreement in principle as this sets out what the mortgage provider will be willing to lend, based on your personal circumstances terms and conditions. This can be helpful when you have chosen your property and are ready to make an offer.  You don’t need to provide any documentation at this stage.