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  • Dalaman
  • Fethiye
  • Hisaronu & Ovacik
  • Uzumlu
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    This place is called “Üzümlü”. It has authentic village houses, a traditional life style and local people. We believe this place will be one of the most popular spots for rural & ecological tourism in the near future. It is a big responsibility for local authorities to regulate carefully and keep the style as it was in Ottoman times.

    There are old village houses to purchase, to renovate and there are new housing developments to invest in, or finally you can buy land and build your own home in the traditional Ottoman style.

    There is the countryside, and there is culture from ancient Cadianda and Ottoman Üzümlü to modern Green Üzümlü.

    Ancient Lycian Cadianda is situated 18 kilometers north – east of Fethiye. Setting off from Üzümlü, you will not regret the climb, about one and half hours by foot on the long steep track through undiscovered terrain to this ancient Lycian city, as you reach the top and are greeted with spectacular views and a chance to explore the ruins of a theatre, stadium, baths, temple and agora. Cadyanda, ‘Kadawanti’ in Lycian, was never more than an obscure city. It is mentioned only once in ancient manuscripts, whereas its monuments and inscription go back to the 5th century B.C. Perched on its hilltop 400 meters above Üzümlü and about 900 meters above the sea, Cadianda was certainly in a commanding situation.

    Üzümlü village is located on a plateau, which it shares with neighboring village of Incirkoy. Üzümlü literally translated means ” grape yard or place of grape”. As it’s name infers you will see grapevines scattered around all parts of the village and will find the locals will be happy to share their produce with you. Incirköy means “fig village”. This village is located at the opposite side of the Üzümlü plateau. The population of Üzümlü and İncirköy are 1765 and 971 respectively. The locals are adept at utilizing the land to make their living. Produces include wine, grape-juice, vinegar, olives, olive oil, tobacco, fig and fig products as well as weaving “Dastar – scarf”.
    At an altitude of more than 500 meters Üzümlü and İncirköy villages enjoy very pleasant summer nighttime temperatures in marked contrast to the coast where temperatures are much higher. During the winter months, a 20-minute journey will take you towards Cameli, the beginning of the snow line, which boasts snow-peaked mountains and incredible views and where you can find many fine slopes on which to toboggan or snowboard.
    The attractive rural villages of Üzümlü & İncirköy are around 15 kilometers from the coastal market town of Fethiye. The nearest airport is Dalaman, 60 kilometers from Uzumlu or İncirköy approximately one hours travelling time. Dalaman airport is well served by tourist charter flights and by Turkish Airways.